When will my order ship?

Most orders leave our studio within 3days + shipping time, which is typically 2-4 days.

How do your shirts fit?

Each shirt is different and fit will mean something different to each person.  That’s why we note sizing for each shirt in the product listings. 

Can I purchase/pickup in person? 

Absolutely, we are based out of Bakersfield, CA.  If an in person pick up is the most convenient method for fulfilling your order we accommodate for you, however, stock is limited.  Please refer to our contact form if you would like to request an in person pick up. 

How do I exchange something I ordered? 

Use our contact form and we will get you squared away.

I have a large following on instagram, may I promote Motivv?

Sounds like you're interested in our Brand Ambassador program.  Fill out our contact form and we'll be in touch.

Can I have a discount?

We do occasional discounts a few times a year. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest and greatest. 

Where are your products made? 

Our shirts are designed and printed in the USA.

Who designs your products?

We work with the local design agency, Brangerine.  We are proud to support our local economy in this way.

Do you do collaborations?

We always down for collaborations! If you have a cool collab idea, shoot us a note on our contact form.

I'd like to be a brand ambassador, how do I sign up?

Great! We'd like to speak with you!  Please fill out our contact form and provide us with your instagram and social accounts.

Can I return my order?

Unfortunately all orders are final, however we would gladly exchange your shipment for a new size and/or design.  Please fill out the contact form to do so.